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Country of the Month : Senegal


This month, Mr. Mor Ndiaye, Managing Director of the recently created National Criminal Assets Recovery Office (ONRAC) of Senegal, tells us more about this institution which has a key role to play in the Senegalese AML/CFT system. In July 2021, Senegal created a National Office for the Recovery of Criminal Assets (ONRAC), which you are managing: can you explain the role and missions of this...



From 17 to 19 November in Lomé, about thirty representatives of decentralised financial systems (DFS) and their supervisory authorities attended a training session organised by the project. The training was held in the presence of the European Union Delegation in Togo, the French Embassy and the French Development Agency and aimed at increasing the knowledge of the DFSs subject to AML/-FT...

Country of the Month : Guinea Bissau


The Egmont Group is a “club” of 167 Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs). It provides a platform for the secure exchange of financial expertise and information to combat money laundering and terrorist financing (ML-FT). In the region covered by the OCWAR-M project, six FIUs are not yet members of the Egmont Group, including the FIU of Guinea Bissau. This country, like the other five...



As part of the AML-CFT capacity building activity for the Senegalese notary profession, the OCWAR-M project and the Chamber of Notaries of Senegal organized a workshop on July 1, 2021 in Dakar. The aim of this workshop was to present the diagnosis on the AML-CFT compliance of the notary profession in Senegal and to validate the action plan resulting from this diagnosis. It was held in the...

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