Featured: First training of investigative journalists in partnership with PPLAAF


 In the fight against financial crime, investigative journalists can play a crucial role: by conducting and publishing investigations, they can inform a wide audience, and can also support the judicial authorities by providing valuable information. Convinced of the importance of investigative journalists in the fight against ML/FT crimes, the OCWAR-M project organised, from 20 to 23 September...

Country of the Month: Guinea-Bissau


In this edition, Mr. Justino SA, President of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Guinea-Bissau, presents the money laundering and terrorist financing risks specific to his country, and the work undertaken by his FIU to tackle them. He also talks about OCWAR-M’s support for the FIU’s application to join the Egmont Group.  Can you tell us about the ML/FT risks in Guinea-Bissau and...

First training of trainers for the actors of the AML/CFT criminal chain in Anglophone countries


In May 2022, during 2 weeks, the project launched the first training of trainers aiming at the strengthening of the AML/CFT criminal chain of its Anglophone partner countries. This activity responds to a need identified by the GIABA, as explained by Gina Wood, Legal Officer in this institution: “From the mutual evaluations that we have conducted, conviction rates have been really low and for some...

Country of the Month : Senegal


This month, Mr. Mor Ndiaye, Managing Director of the recently created National Criminal Assets Recovery Office (ONRAC) of Senegal, tells us more about this institution which has a key role to play in the Senegalese AML/CFT system. In July 2021, Senegal created a National Office for the Recovery of Criminal Assets (ONRAC), which you are managing: can you explain the role and missions of this...

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