The OCWAR-M news | N°14


COUNTRY OF THE MONTH : MAURITANIA  SEMINAR ON THE SUPERVISION OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Central Bank of Mauritania, Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea One of the main areas of intervention of the OCWAR–M project is the capacity building of financial institutions on AML/CFT. Trainings have already been organised for non-bank financial institutions, such as bureaux de change and...

Third training of the actors of the AML-CFT criminal chain


The third training of trainers for AML-CFT criminal chain actors of the eleven Francophone and Lusophone countries covered by the project was held in Dakar from 1 to 3 December 2021. During these three days, the 55 participants enriched their knowledge on the second pillar of the training: the seizure and recovery of criminal assets.

Participation in the 8th ARIN-WA Plenary Assembly


The 8th Annual Plenary Assembly of ARINWA (Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network for West Africa) was held from 10 to 12 November 2021 in Praia, Cabo Verde. Samuel Diop, the Banking, Finance and Supervision expert OCWAR-M, represented the project at this important event, which brought together members of this informal network for information exchange on asset recovery, confiscation and money...

Links between ML-FT and cybercrime: participation in the OCWAR-C workshop


From 9 to 10 November, the regional meeting of heads of cybercrime units was held in Accra, Ghana. GIABA and OCWAR-M, represented by Claire Dollmann, legal expert of the project, took part in this important meeting organised by the OCWAR-C project – The West African response to cybercrime, also implemented by Exertise France and funded by the European Union. This meeting was an opportunity...

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