The OCWAR-M news | N°14


COUNTRY OF THE MONTH : MAURITANIA  SEMINAR ON THE SUPERVISION OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Central Bank of Mauritania, Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea One of the main areas of intervention of the OCWAR–M project is the capacity building of financial institutions on AML/CFT. Trainings have already been organised for non-bank financial institutions, such as bureaux de change and...

The OCWAR-M news | N°13


COUNTRY OF THE MONTH : TOGO From 17 to 19 November in Lomé, about thirty representatives of decentralised financial systems (DFS) and their supervisory authorities attended a training session organised by the project. The training was held in the presence of the European Union Delegation in Togo, the French Embassy and the French Development Agency and aimed at increasing the knowledge of the...

The OCWAR-M news | N°12


COUNTRY OF THE MONTH : GUINEA BISSAU The Egmont Group is a “club” of 167 Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs). It provides a platform for the secure exchange of financial expertise and information to combat money laundering and terrorist financing (ML-FT). In the region covered by the OCWAR-M project, six FIUs are not yet members of the Egmont Group, including the FIU of Guinea-Bissau...

The OCWAR-M news | N°11


EDITO Dear all, June was marked by the resumption of on-site activities in Senegal, where five workshops were held. It was a pleasure to see you again! This issue will  be  the  last  one  before  September.  Until  the  next edition,  you  can follow  us  on  the project’s social media accounts : COUNTRY OF THE MONTH : SENEGAL As part of the AML-CFT capacity building activity for the...

The OCWAR-M news | N°10


COUNTRY OF THE MONTH : LIBERIA Liberia is one of the countries supported by the project with its application to the Egmont Group. In this video, Mr. Edwin Harris, Director of the Liberian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), and Prof. Rob McCusker, OCWAR-M expert, tell us more about this country’s application to the global club of FIUs and the assistance provided by OCWAR-M in this process...

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