Launch of the IT community of practice

The strengthening of financial intelligence units (FIUs) being one of the project’s priorities, OCWAR-M announces the launch of the first IT community of practice among GIABA member states and Mauritania.

The rise in volume, complexity and typologies in money laundering has made the use of information technology (IT), notably specialized anti-money laundering platforms, an undisputed necessity for national FIUs. For this reason, OCWAR-M will support the creation of a community of practice (CoP) among the IT managers of FIUs, in order to foster mutual learning, problem-solving and innovation.

A CoP gathers members with a common interest or activity, sharing their respective knowledge and learning. This activity will allow IT personnel from the FIUs of partner countries to access a wide range of various experiences to draw upon, thus fostering the spread of good practices and innovation, and allowing the members of the CoP to develop their professional skills and networks.

To ensure the smooth launch of the CoP, OCWAR-M has recruited Steven Uy, an expert in financial technology who has experience working on security issues. He will collaborate with GIABA and partner countries’ FIUs to develop the structure of the CoP, identify leading members and build momentum around the project.

The IT community of practice will be endowed with a governance charter and specific collaborative tools. Several events will be organized so that its members can generate ideas for new solutions and processes and support one another in solving technical issues.

The “Community Building” knowledge that will be amassed during the expert’s mission will be recorded into a written “Community of Practice Guide for ECOWAS FIUs”. The guide will encompass the experiences, procedures and references of the IT CoP, and will thus be a veritable toolbox for other “generations” of communities.

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