With the active collaboration of OCWAR-M, GIABA organized from February 10 to 12 in Dakar an Regional consultative Forum on AML / CFT Compliance for bar associations of GIABA member states.

The aim was to make lawyers aware of the need to fulfill their obligations in this area, as a regulated profession to the FATF rules. All the bars of GIABA member states were represented, as well as the Mauritanian bar, associated with the OCWAR-M initiative.

This forum made it possible in particular to debate on the compatibility of AML / CFT obligations with professional secrecy, and to present examples of systems meeting both the obligations imposed by international standards and the ethics of the legal profession.

It was an opportunity for cooperation and a productive exchange with the International Conference of Bars (CIB), represented by its Secretary General, Bernard VATIER, and the French National Union of CARPAs, represented by its President Maître Jean -Christophe BARJON, also an expert for the International CARPA Union.

Their interventions enabled the Bar Associations to envisage further cooperation within the framework of OCWAR-M for the strengthening of their mechanism for combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Click Here to read the Forum’s final statement.
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  • FATF : Financial Action Task Force
  • GIABA : Intergovernmental Action Group Against Money Laundering in West Africa
  • AML/FT : Anti-Money Laundering / Financing of Terrorism
  • CARPA : Autonomous Fund for the Pecuniary Regulation of Lawyers
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