Two mechanisms have been set up to work at developing training modules robustly tailored to the context of the criminal chain in all the OCWAR-M project countries – the first for the continental law countries (French-and Portuguese-speaking countries of ECOWAS plus Mauritania) and the second for common law countries of ECOWAS.

For the continental law countries, Expertise France has stricken a partnership with the French École Nationale de la Magistrature, which provides a system of 10 international experts (magistrates, investigative police officers (IPOs), experts from AGRASC (1) and TRACFIN (2). The experts are working with a college of 11 (Senegalese, Burkinabè, Beninese and Ivorian) regional counterparts representing all the functions of the criminal chain : FIU, IPO, magistrates, around the 5 thematic pillars as followed: Detection of the offense, Investigation, Recovery and Management of Criminal Assets, International criminal assistance and Judgment. The process will span 5 months (1 pillar of the module per month) and started last September, after collection of legislation, AML / CFT mechanisms for each country, examples of convictions and practical cases): it will end at the end of January 2021.

In the first half of 2021, training for national trainers, with test training, at the regional level and in all the functions concerned by the criminal chain (FIU, IPOs, magistrates, criminal asset recovery agents), then, eventually, training will be provided for all national actors in the AML / CFT criminal chains by these national trainers who will thus have been trained at the regional level.

For Common Law countries, three international experts have been identified and are in the process of being recruited: An Australian lawyer, a British IPO and a French magistrate who is well conversant with this legal system and bilingual, all specialized in organized crime and AML CFT, and having a good knowledge of the countries concerned.

The college of regional experts, which will include 5 experts from the criminal justice system (AML/CFT if possible), is being identified in Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone and this in conjunction with GIABA and national FIUs.

(1) French agency for asset recovery
(2) French FIU

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