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After a very rich year, during which we had to adapt our working methods to the sanitary context, it is a pleasure for all the OCWAR-M team to start 2021 at your side. The coming months will be marked by the launch of new activities and our continued support to our partners.

2021 will also see the effective start of our collaboration with Ghana, one of the two pilot countries of the project with Senegal.

We remain fully available and wish you all a successful year!



The Gambia is one of the countries supported by the project with its application to the Egmont Group. In this video, Mr. Alagie Darboe, Head of the Gambian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), tells us more about his country’s application to join this global club of FIUs and the assistance provided by OCWAR-M in this process.




The activity supporting the AML/CFT criminal chain of the five Anglophone partner countries of the OCWAR-M project (The Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone) starts in January 2021.

The objective of this activity is to build the capacity of actors of the AML/CFT-specific criminal chain in these five countries to increase the effectiveness of the handling of ML/FT crimes and the seizure of assets. National experts from the criminal chain have been identified in conjunction with the FIUs and recruited in these five Common law countries – 2 to 3 experts per country, including a judge and/or prosecutor and/or investigator and/or analyst – in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the national systems and to consider appropriate training and support measures for activities in 2021-2022; these national experts are working with our team of international experts and key OCWAR-M experts.



OCWAR-M supported the National AML/CFT Coordination Committee of Côte d’Ivoire in the drafting of its national strategy. This activity enabled the Ivorian National AML/CFT Coordination Committee to draft a robust strategy in line with international standards and consistent with the national risk assessment and action plan.

In December 2020, a series of three training sessions for reporting entities and supervisors of the microfinance sector and Change offices was organised on-site in Benin and Côte d’Ivoire and online in Senegal. These trainings were also an opportunity to improve the guidelines and procedure manuals drafted for these financial institutions.

A preliminary study on National AML/CFT coordination systems has been launched in the 15 ECOWAS countries and Mauritania with a view to organizing a regional workshop on the matter in 2021. The mission will be led by the expert Stella Attakpah, under the aegis of the Expertise Advisors firm.



Nigeria is the second biggest market for bitcoin with trade hitting $566 million (Face2Face Africa, 21/12/2020)

Ghana’s Zeepay plans mobile-money expansion to South Africa, Rwanda (The Africa Report, 05/01/2021)

Absence de publication des rapports de la Centif : Ramatoulaye Gadio Agne rassure (Seneweb, 10/12/2020)

34e réunion plénière de la commission technique du GIABA (Agence de Presse Sénégalaise, 02/12/2020)

20 ans du GIABA : le DG, Kimelabalou Aba fait le point de la lutte contre le blanchiment d’argent et le financement du terrorisme en Afrique de l’Ouest (aCotonou, 09/12/2020)

Cryptomonnaies : la spectaculaire expansion du bitcoin en Afrique (RTBF, 20/12/2020)

Lutte contre le terrorisme: Interpol saisit des dizaines de milliers d’explosifs au Sahel (RFI, 22/12/2020)

Financement terroriste : Les craintes surprenantes de l’Etat face à la levée de fonds du Pastef (Senenews, 04/01/2021)

Pour tout l’or de l’Afrique (DW, 2018 /12/2020)

Les territoires insoupçonnés du jihadisme africain (Afrique Média, 13/01/2021)

L’Afrique de l’Ouest perd 2.3% de son PIB (Seneplus, 13/01/2021)

Mali : CENTIF : Deux nouveaux membres prêtent serment (, 14/01/2021)

Commerce international de l’Afrique : La fausse facturation représente un montant annuel de 30 à 52 milliards de dollars (, 14/01/2021)

Des freins à la réalisation des ODD (Sud Quotidien, 18/01/2021)

Gambie : le FMI valide le décaissement de 28,8 millions $ et appelle l’Etat à réduire les mesures d’exonération fiscale (Agence Ecofin, 18/01/2021)

Après avoir détourné 17 millions de son convoyeur : le conducteur de “Thiak-Thiak” et son complice écopent de 2 ans d’emprisonnement dont 3 mois ferme (Dakaractu, 22/01/2021)

Corruption minière en Guinée: Beny Steinmetz écope de cinq ans de prison en Suisse (BBC Afrique, 25/01/2021)

Le GIABA évalue le dispositif du Togo dans la lutte contre le blanchiment (Togo First, 26/01/2021)

LBC/FT : L’évaluation mutuelle de la Côte d’Ivoire prévue en septembre 2021 (L’infodrome, 26/01/2021)

Swiss Court Sends Beny Steinmetz to Prison for Bribery in Guinea (OCCRP, 25/01/2021)


DRC bank gets anti-money laundering certification (ICLG, 04/01/2021)

Lebanese-Colombian extradited from West Africa to US (Middle East Monitor, 07/01/2021)

Dutch criminals laundering money in African countries (NL Times, 11/01/2021)

La revue du GRASCO n°32 (01/2021)

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