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Central Bank of Mauritania, Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea

One of the main areas of intervention of the OCWARM project is the capacity building of financial institutions on AML/CFT. Trainings have already been organised for non-bank financial institutions, such as bureaux de change and decentralised financial systems (DFS). At the beginning of 2022, the project held its first seminar dedicated to banking institutions, which brought together participants from the Central Banks of Guinea and Mauritania, the Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) of Senegal, Benin, Mauritania and Guinea, as well as Treasury Inspectors from Senegal and the National Agency for the Supervision of DFS from Benin.

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This month, discover the interview of Marilyne Landry, AML/CFT consultant in charge of the support of French and Portuguese speaking financial intelligence units applying to the Egmont Group.

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Computer Diagnosis of the Anglophone Egmont Group Candidate Financial Intelligence Units In December 2021, Steven Uy, project consultant and IT security expert, conducted missions to the FIUs of the three Anglophone countries candidate to the Egmont Group (The Gambia, Liberia and Sierra Leone) in order to diagnose their IT capacities. These missions were an opportunity to identify the needs of the FIUs in terms of security of processing, analysis, dissemination and exchange of financial information, and to define a plan for modernising or adapting their system, which could be supported by OCWARM during the year 2022.

Participation in the Third GIABA Regional Stakeholders’ Forum Claire Dollmann, Justice key-expert of the OCWARM project, attended the third GIABA Regional Stakeholders’ Forum on Emerging Global AML/CFT Issues and Implications for GIABA Member States, which was held from 15 to 17 December 2021 in Saly, Senegal. Discussions covered a wide range of topics, including the second round of mutual evaluations, the GIABA Strategic Plan 2016-2020 and the future prospects of GIABA and ECOWAS.

Awareness raising for civil society organisations in Guinea The OCWARM project, in partnership with the FIU of Guinea and the NGO Club Humanitaire sans Frontières, organised on 25 and 26 January 2022 a capacity building workshop on AML/CFT for civil society organisations (CSO). About thirty Guinean organisations took part in this workshop, which was an opportunity to raise awareness on the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as on the role CSO can play in the fight against these crimes. A second similar workshop will be held in Guinea in March.

Workshop on the supervision of the casino and gaming sector in Senegal A first workshop on experience sharing and capacity building of the control and supervisory bodies of the gaming sector, notably casinos and the Senegalese National Lottery, was held online on 1 February. This workshop brought together the Senegalese FIU, the Director of Territorial Surveillance (DST) and the Director of Internal Control (DCI) of the General Directorate of Public Accounting and Treasury of Senegal as well as representatives of the Central Service of Racing and Gaming of the French Ministry of the Interior. This workshop is a continuation of the study conducted by OCWARM on the vulnerabilities of the casino and gambling sector, which includes Senegal



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NFIU mulls fresh strategies to combat money laundering, terrorism financing (The Nation, 12/12/2021)


Nigeria: le régulateur a pris des mesures pour protéger le marché financier du blanchiment d’argent (Agence Ecofin, 21/01/2022)

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