presentation meeting of the AML/CFT national risk assessment and the strategy

The President of the Financial Intelligence Unit of Mauritania (Mauritanian Financial Investigation Unit – UMEF – recently reorganized and renamed) invited the OCWAR-M Project team to participate in the meeting to present the results of the National Risks Assessment (NRA) and the National Strategy.

This meeting was held on January 24, 2020 under the effective chairmanship of Prime Minister Ismail Ould Bedde Ould Cheikh SIDIYA before the Interministerial Coordination Committee within which The Ministers of Finance, Justice, the Interior, Defense and the Governor of the Central Bank were present.

This invitation presented several major interests for the OCWAR-M Project partnership with the UMEF and the Mauritanian authorities :

  • participate in the inter-ministerial coordination committee of the AML/CFT system and have a better understanding of the approach and the dynamics
  • be associated with the first technical presentation of the results of NRA and the National AML / CFT Strategy through its action plan
  • propose to UMEF and the Interministerial Coordination Committee the support of the OCWAR-M Project to implement the action plan from the national strategy
  • coordinate OCWAR-M support with the World Bank in this sector in Mauritania.

  • NRA : National Risk Assessment
  • AML/FT : Anti-Money Laundering / Financing of Terrorism
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